Improving scientific advice to fishery management for resources of interest for Spain in Atlantic waters (IMPRESS) is a Spanish National Project, which is to improve the scientific advice quality for fisheries management. Read More


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Improving scientific advice to fishery management for resources of interest for Spain in Atlantic waters (IMPRESS) is a Spanish National Project. The underlying hypothesis of the project is that facing up with the identified stock assessment issues of the Spanish North West Atlantic species could substantially improve their fisheries management.
Within this context, the overarching goal of IMPRESS is to improve the scientific advice quality for fisheries management of resources of interest for Spanish fleets in the North West Atlantic. To achieve this goal the IMPRESS project will apply a sequential analysis following step by step the assessment process from the stock identification of the available data to the simulation and evaluation of management strategies

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ECOPATH 35 years Conference

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Title: Ecological basis to embrace temporal assessment and spatial management of the European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in the northern Iberian Peninsula.
Authors: Izquierdo, F., Paradinas, I., Velasco, F., Pennino, M.G., and Cerviño, S.

Title: Changes in the length-weight relationship in Northern Stock of European hake (Merluccius merluccius).
Authors: Dorleta García and María Grazia Pennino.

Title: Discard practices in the gulf of Cadiz multispecies trawl fishery. Implications forthe EU "Landing Obligation".
Authors: Gamaza, M., Pennino, M. G., Torres, M.A., Acosta, J.J., Erzini, K., Sobrino, I.

Title: Integrating spatial management measures into fisheries: the Lepidorhombus spp. case study.
Authors: Abad, E., Pennino, M.G., Valeiras, J., Vilela, R., Bellido, J.M., Punzon, A., Velasco, F.

Title: Balancing resources protection and fishing activity: the case of the European hake in the northern Iberian Peninsula.
Authors: Pennino, M. G., Vilela, R., Bellido, J.M., Velasco, F.

Title: Enhanced global optimization methods applied to complex fisheries stock assessment models.
Authors: Penas, D.R., A. Gómez, B.B. Fraguela, M. J. Martín and S. Cerviño

Title: Contrasting post-ovulatory follicle production in fishes with different spawning dynamics.
Authors: Charitonidou, K., O.S. Kjesbu, R. Dominguez-Petit, D. Garabana, M. Korta, M.antos, C.J.G. van Damme, A.Thorsen and K. Ganias.

Title: Adult-mediated connectivity and spatial population structure of sardine in the Bay of Biscay and Iberian coast.
Authors: Silva, A., Garrido, S., Ibaibarriaga, L., Pawlowski, L., Riveiro, I., Marquesa, V., Ramos, F., Duhamel, E., Iglesias, M., Bryère, P., Mangin, A., Citores, L., Carrera, P., Uriarte, A.

Title: Spatio-Temporal Assessment of the European Hake (Merluccius merluccius) Recruits in the Northern Iberian Peninsula.
Authors: Izquierdo, F., Paradinas, I., Cerviño, S., Conesa, D., Alonso-Fernández, A., Velasco, F., Preciado, I., Punzón, A., Saborido-Rey, F., and Pennino, M. G.

Title:Pelagic Ecosystem Acoustic trawl survey PELACUS 0319: Sardine and anchovy abundance estimates
Authors: Carrera, P., Riveiro, I.

Title: Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) convergence diagnostics
Authors: Cerviño, S.

Title: Southern Hake Retrospective Analysis
Authors: Cerviño, S.

Title: Analysis of causes of retrospective pattern in Southern hake stock assessment with GADGET
Authors: Cerviño, S.

Title: Improving abundance index for Sol8c9a stock assessment model calibration
Authors: Pennino, MG, Izquierdo, F., Paradinas I., Cousido, M., Cerviño, S., Velasco, F., Otero, J., Bañón, R., Alonso-Fernández, A.

Title: Calculation of mackerel adult parameters for the application of the DEPM in the western spawning area
Authors: Dolores Garabana, Paz Sampedro, Isabel Riveiro and Antonio Solla.

Title: A first approach to stock assessment of pollack in ICES subarea 8 and division 9a using SPiCT
Authors: Paz Sampedro.

Title: Exploration of length-based data-limited assessments for pollack in Bay of Biscay and Atlantic Iberian Waters
Authors: Paz Sampedro.

Title:Abundance indices data collection for Nephrops FU 25 (North Galicia) in 2018
Authors: González Herraiz, I., Vila, Y., Sampedro, P., Fariña, C. and Gómez Suarez, F.J.

Title: Nephrops in 8c
Authors: González Herraiz, I.

Title: Cigala Cantábrico (8c)
Authors: González Herraiz, I., Fariña, C. and Vila, Y.

Title: Current state of Nephrops reference points: ICES division 8c
Authors: González Herraiz, I.

Title: Approaches for data limited stocks
Authors: González Herraiz, I.

Title: Nephrops Sentinel Fishery in Functional Unit 25 (North Galicia) 2017-2019
Authors: González Herraiz, I., Gómez, F., Fariña, F., Rodríguez, J., Salinas, I.

Title: Nephrops Sentinel Fishery in Functional Unit 31 (Cantabrian Sea) 2019
Authors: González Herraiz, I., Gómez, F., Fariña, F., Rodríguez, J., Salinas, I.

Title: Data limited methods workshop

Title: The recent hake fishery in Mexico. Management Bases

Title: CPUE standardisation workshop

Title: Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial Models: ecological applications

Title: Course on how use the Galicia Supercomputing Center (CESGA)

Title: Marine Spatial Planning Virtual Workshop: Balancing Social, economic, cultural and ecological values in MSP

Title: Introduction to regression models with spatial correlation using R-INLA

Title: Master in Marine Biology (Galician universities)

Title: Workshop on Methodologies for Nephrops Reference Points

Title: II Workshop DLM tools - Evaluation of stocks to the LBSPR stock assessment method

Title: Training “Strengthen NatMIRC research capacity on stock assessment modelling”

Title: Professional Course: Organization in Fish markets


The research team is build by biologists and marine scientists. The two IPs are biologist with broad experience in mathematical and statistical models and assessment methods. This experience will be complemented with the external collaborators supporting the modelling work. However, due to the high mathematical and statistical level required from several tasks of the project a doctor in statistics has been hired.

M. R. Domínguez Petit

I. González Herraiz

J. Valeiras Mota

M. M. Rincón Hidalgo

M. Cousido Rocha

M. G. Pennino

M. P. Sampedro Pastor

E. M. Velasco Gil

C. Rodríguez-Cabello

A. Alonso Fernández

S. Cerviño López

E. Abad Casas

J. Gil Herrera

J. Otero Villar

A. Silva

M. Pérez

M. I. Riveiro


Furthermore than the team members several students from master's internships and PhD programs are also collaborating with IMPRESS aims.

A. Paz Cuña

D. Lojo Amoedo

F. Izquierdo Tarín

A. Mouzai Tifoura

M. Y. Zanni